Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse (September 2009)

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Thanks to everyone who made submissions for this month's "Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse". I have yet to fully digest everything that's been submitted and I look forward to following all these wonderful sites, many of which are new to me (and perhaps to you too).

Relationship-Related Submissions

Shen at Reunited Selves submitted The Hole in the Soul. It's a beautifully written story about a young boy who was not well cared for and suffers headaches. It's a story about relationships, because it talks about the dynamic between a couple who has their own pain. It talks about loss. It talks about personal responsibility. It talks about healing. It leads off the carnival because it is to me one of the most beautiful, sad, and compelling stories I have ever read.

Castorgirl at Scattered Pieces submitted Once upon a time... Her story, which I am certain was difficult to write, reflects on an abusive relationship. It shows a deep understanding and a yearning to heal and change. It ends with a video titled "A Journey Through Domestic Violence" which is extremely powerful, heart-wrenching, and yet so full of hope.

Marj aka Thriver at Survivors Can Thrive submitted Can you fathom a family? Marj shows her ability to speak out against what was done to her in the context of her family. It's a story of hope. She writes: I am also happy and rather proud that I have the chance-and I am taking it-to break the multi-generational cycle of abuse. I can end the legacy I was born into. I've been able to create my own family with my husband and my beloved son.

Rick Belden submitted Fused at the wound, a poem about a love relationship. It's a rather sad tale and speaks to the complexities of holding onto healthy relationships in the midst of pain and struggle.

Dr. Kathleen Young submitted Relationships After Severe Trauma: Making Healthy Choices. Dr. Young relates some of the unhealthy aspects of relationships she has seen as a therapist. She offers some very practical advice.

Jumpinginpuddles at Lifes Spacings submitted What abuse can do to siblings and their relationships. She retells of her horrible abuse by her mother and how that changed forever her relationship with her sister. Note: this was left off the original publication because of a clerical error.

I submitted Q & A on the Carnival Theme in which I talked somewhat openly about the struggles I face in my healing as they relate to my family.

Advocacy and Awareness Submissions

Colleen at Surviving by Grace submitted Just try to shut us up, a heartfelt public statement that many victims of abuse need to tell their stories. I bookmarked this post and have used it as a "pep talk" to myself. Maybe you could do the same.

Jumpinginpuddles at Lifes Spacings submitted Expelling the myths of MPD/DID. She explores some of the common misconceptions about being multiple in a very direct way. Note: this was left off the original publication because of a clerical error.

Miss J at Media Misses submitted Failure to report vs. false allegations. She presents real-life cases of abuse and explores the real difficulties faced in finding justice and protecting children.

Atheist Revolution submitted: Catholic lobbying group opposes Child Victims Act. The Child Victims Act was to extend the statute of limitations by five years and add other victim protections in the state of New York. It was lobbied against by the New York Catholic Conference. Unfortunately, the Child Victims Act (A.2596) was pulled from the calendar on June 23, 2009 after Assembly leaders decided the bill did not have enough votes to pass.

Attorneys Betti and Franks submitted How to stay safe during a protracted lawsuit involving your childhood sexual abuse. They offer some practical tips based on their experience of prosecuting cases.

Healing Submissions

TheSameSky submitted Learning to Lament. She helps us understand that grieving is an integral part of healing and that denial and repression are not sustainable solutions. She writes: Feelings must be spoken. When they are, when feelings are no longer buried and our pain is heard by another... it becomes real, and this paves the way for healing.

Colleen at Surviving by Grace also submitted Roots, a wonderful story about a childhood safe place that stayed present with her into adulthood. If you use safe places in your healing process, this is a very uplifting story.

Dan Hays submitted Independence Day - Little Danny Set Free! It's a remarkable story, full of hope for what an adult man can do to heal a wounded boy through the power of visualization.

Kathy Broady at Discussing Dissociation submitted Do's and Don'ts for Singleton Friends of Multiples; a list comprised by an anonymous group of multiples.

Wanda's Wings submitted My Life - Short Version in which she tells of horrible abuse and also her salvation through God.

Thank you all, and especially Marj at Survivors Can Thrive, for the opportunity to host this month's carnival.

You are all truly inspirational.

The blog carnival for this month was announced here and contains some helpful information about what the carnival is all about.


Hey, this looks really great, Paul. I like the way you organized it in such a succinct, easy-to-read way. Good work. I knew you'd be a great host! Now, I'll go over to BC dot com and get this listed...and start reading. Thanks, everyone, for contributing to our carnival.

colleen said:

What a great job you did hosting! Thanks so much. I cannot wait to read all of these. And thanks for bookmarking my post.

shen said:

Thank you so much for hosting, and for including me in this. It's the first time I've seen this, and it seems like such a great idea and, of course, a great cause.

All of the submissions were unique and helpful in their own way.

jumpinginpuddles/lifesspacings said:

is there a reason my submissions were ignored ?

Jumpinginpuddles, So very sorry. Because your submissions were done outside the carnival form, I misplaced them. I put them in now and re-published. I apologize for the error.

Rick Belden said:

Wonderful job, Paul. Thanks for hosting and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute.

jumpinginpuddles/lifesspacings said:

thank you for submitting them and for the apology

Great hosting job and what a collection! I am so glad to be a contributor and I look forward to reading my way through.

Paul, thanks for hosting this month. Last night I read about half of these articles. Each one made me think about my own incest and how I have grown over the past few years and also about how the incest is still affecting me today. Now I am off to read the rest of the articles.

speck of dust said:

Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to reading through what sounds like some amazing pieces of writing. Thanks for pointing things out. It's really great how you've highlighted submissions and this helps me decide what I would like to read. All the best to you.

jahda said:

Such an amazing collection, I'm really enjoying reading through this!

Thanks so much for putting this together for everyone Paul, it must have been a lot of work. You really did an excellent job at culling out some gems!

Hope you are feeling a bit better since the last "Giving Up Rant" post...

Paul Author Profile Page replied to jahda:

Thanks! Yes, feeling a "bit" better...

Roxie said:

Wow ! I've been away most of September and just read about the carnival. This is great and such positive stuff even though a serious topic. Really wonderful people. Thanks so much for all the work put in to this carnival.

Wheeryissueli said:

Just posting to say hello to everyone :)

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