Expressive Arts Carnival Activity No. 13

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Welcome to Activity No. 13 of the Expressive Arts Carnival for the month of July 2011. Thank you to all who participate and a special welcome if you are new!

There is something new for this month. The directive:

Part 1: Think of someone you look up to, real or imaginary, who has taught you something you can use (or do use) in your healing. Describe either the characteristics of the person, what they told you, or how you have been helped. Use expressive writing by telling a story, writing a poem, or anything that makes sense to you. If you have a blog, you can feel free to publish this writing on your blog. But you will not submit this writing as your entry.

Part 2: For your entry, select three words from your writing that have particular meaning to you and also one color (or HEX color code) that you would like to associate with these words.

I will then create a single word cloud combining the three words from each submission.

As usual, you may also send up to a few sentences to say what the process was like for you or what this activity meant to you. It is up to you whether you want to identify which words are yours.

Entries are due by Tuesday, July 26, 2011 and will be published shortly thereafter.

You may also feel free to send me a link to a page hosted on your own site (or blog) with your expressive writing, if you have one. If you do not have a blog post specifically on your entry, and you do have a blog, please tell me if you would like a link to your blog in the carnival. It is important to repeat that nobody is required to have a website in order to participate.

To submit an entry use this link to e-mail:

Please use "EXPRESSIVE ARTS" in the subject heading to help me keep track of submissions. Every submission will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. If you do not receive one within a day or two, then please follow up with me.

The Expressive Arts Carnival was founded to to bring survivors of abuse together through expressive arts activities. On the Carnival's home page you can find links to all activity announcements and Carnival publications. Activities are posted at the beginning of every month and submissions are open for approximately 2-3 weeks. The Carnival will be posted shortly after submissions are closed.

If you have questions or need clarifications, direct them to me by e-mail or ask in the comments here.


castorgirl said:

Do we have to name the person?

Paul Author Profile Page replied to castorgirl:

Hi CG. No you don't have to name the person. For an entry, all you will send to me are three words and a color, not the writing. I see I didn't make that so clear. You can also send, as usual, a couple sentences about what the process was like for you or what this meant for you. I forgot to say that also. I just edited the entry to fix that.

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