Expressive Arts Carnival No. 14: Hopes & Dreams

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Welcome to the September 2011 edition of the Expressive Arts Carnival. This month's theme, see announcement, was to "create an image that incorporates your personal hopes and dreams."

Here are the entries in the order received.

Entry 1: Castorgirl

Castorgirl titled this piece 'Aspirations' and wrote: "I'm not sure why, but I found this activity really easy to do.  This, of course, makes me incredibly suspicious... did I not think it through properly... did I focus too much on the happy, cheery aspect of it all... did I do the exercise when so dissociated, that it will make no sense in an hour/day/week... That sort of self-doubt is the kind of thing that I hope to one day not live with so strongly.  My ultimate hope... to be able to look people in the eye, with a smile on my face, and without the need to dissociate in order to accomplish this.  Because, if I can do that, then I will have confidence and a sense of self-worth, and I won't be living under the cloud of shame that envelopes me and directs so many of my actions."

Entry 2: Algo4ME4Once

Algo4ME4Once titled this piece 'Bitterness taking Plight' and wrote: "It is in hopes once I am medically stabilized and further along in terms of developmental issues, that learning what I need to and reaching more milestones will allow me to finally get what need to from traumas, and not internalise so much. My dream right now is to just get to the next stage, where I can get angry at them, not me."

Entry 3: Releasing Lunacy

New contributor Releasing Lunacy wrote: "Hope is the cruelest of monsters. Hopes. Dreams. I no longer hope or dream. It only adds to the suffering. I pray for the health of my family. I pray I outlive my parents to save them the heartache of burying their first born. I pray my death is swift and I am a burden to no one. I do not entertain hopes or dreams in my heart or mind."

Entry 4: Kerro

Kerro wrote: "I have blogged on this theme too many times to count! It felt too tedious to recreate any of these posts or images here, so I did something slightly different.This is a photo I took on one of my travels. Travel continues to be one of my hopes and dreams, but that isn't the point. For me, the point is to remember that attaining my hopes and dreams as a pathway, a journey. It's not always easy; in fact sometimes it's downright difficult. But if I keep working at it, even one step at a time, then one day I'll (probably) get there." "

Entry 5: Paul

Paul (me) wrote: "So, my hope and dream is for my life to be more representative of this image. That there be collaboration. That parts support other parts. That on the macro scale it is one. But on the micro scale it is many. That each part is different yet has similarities to others. And so on."

Entry 6: Bay

Bay wrote: "Our hopes and dreams seem to be closely connected to loss. We dream for a friend, a partner, a family, a son or daughter and a comfortable relationship with our brother. And in expressing those dreams we realize how all but one seem like an impossibility and even that one seems so difficult."

Entry 7: Wantstorun

Wantstorun wrote: "In the future, I see myself as being more appreciative of my mind, rather than feeling tortured by it; I hope to have found my balance in a smooth, calm place.  I hope to have cleared my mind of some deadwood, so that I have more room for light, peace and happiness.  I want to be sweet, strong, protected, colorful and sharp, to feel like I am free to fly without being caught up from the times of the past."

Entry 8: Andréa

Andréa wrote: "Working on this gave me hope.  While I lived at home with the abuse, I always clung to the hope and knowledge that things would get better.  When I went to college, and was sexually assaulted by a pastor, that hope seemed to be ripped away from me.  This exercise helps me remember that hope, and how much it has helped me to survive."

That's all folks! Thanks to all those who contributed, especially those of you who are new. Thanks for taking a chance! If you think this Carnival is worthwhile, then let others know about it and we can continue to increase the contributors for future months.

The Expressive Arts Carnival was founded to to bring survivors together through expressive arts activities. On the Carnival's home page you can find links to all activity announcements and Carnival publications. Activities are posted on the first of every month and submissions are open for approximately 3 weeks. Please consider emailing to to be added to our anonymous mailing list for announcements and occasional discussions.


sanityisknocking said:

Wow. What a wonderful collection of visions for each person's hopes and dreams.

wantstorun said:

I really appreciate the honesty that is expressed through these submissions, how wonderful!


castorgirl said:


Such diverse interpretations of hopes and dreams...

Algo4ME4Once - your art is full of emotion, I hope you can work through the physical issues you've been experiencing soon.

releasing lunacy - thanks for your honesty. I'm sorry your hopes and dreams have been dashed so often that it is safer not to have any.

Kerro and Paul - I love your photos and the meaning that you've attributed to them :)

Bay - I also hope for many of those things, and realise that they will probably never be realised. There's a bittersweet feeling to that knowledge, yet there is that hope still there. I hope that some of your hopes are realised in some form...

wantstorun - I really like your art and the message. There is a lightness to the images you chose.

Andrea - I hope you can achieve your dreams... it's a beautiful image and message.

Thanks for sharing everyone :)

Take care,

Tracie said:

I'm so thankful that everyone shared these this month. I sat down several times and tried to do one...and I just couldn't get in that mind space with everything that was going on....but looking at these and at the powerful meaning and processes behind them, I'm encouraged. Thank you for that.

Thanks, Paul, for putting it all together!

tb0316 said:

I really liked the honesty here. It showed that it's ok not to have hopes and dreams at the moment but there was also the other side of seeing some survivors consider possibilities. It's a balanced perspective showing many points of view.

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