Expressive Arts Carnival No. 16: Core Belief

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Welcome to the Expressive Arts Carnival! My apologies for being late to publish the entries. The March 2012 theme, see announcement, was to "make a simple shape on the page that represents a core belief that holds you back. Then draw (using the same pencil) around the first shape to represent support for change of that core belief."

Here are the entries in the order received.

Entry 1: Alice

New contributor Alice wrote: "The core belief that holds me back is the belief in innocence, or the belief that I'm not innocent anyway."

Entry 2: Algo4ME4Once

Algo4ME4Once titled her entry "Helping Arms/Hands" and wrote: "In Greek Mythology, Apollo tried to carry the weight of so much, that he fell apart. I recently got compared to Apollo, in that I carry the weights' of our human world on my shoulders', taking it all on, and it is one reason my body is even collapsing physically, so often. Sometimes I feel if I did not, then who would, not that I choose, it feels as if it just happens because I am human and really care a great deal about humanity. "

Entry 3: Wantstorun

Wantstorun wrote: "The central figure is a graphic "W."  A core belief we have is that we are *&^%#@.  Ways we are working to change that core belief are: Reminding ourselves of the present time; looking to our inner children, because don't consider the Littles to be *&^%#@; some use faith, and the acceptance we receive through the church; and we try to continue educating ourselves about trauma, PTSD, DID, and so on."

Entry 4: Castorgirl

Castorgirl wrote: "I started this drawing with the intent of showing how my feeling of standing on the outside of society, or being a "square peg" could be supported so that I could feel more included.  But, this seemed to morph into a piece which showed the highly defensive space that I'm in at the moment."

Entry 5: Paul

Paul (me) wrote: "I guess I put up the prompt knowing what I wanted to do. This is what I struggle with. The core belief is that I am worthless. The circles and curves are meant to help change that belief. It was all about process and intention."

That's all folks! Thanks to all those who contributed, especially those of you who are new. Thanks for taking a chance! If you think this Carnival is worthwhile, then let others know about it and we can continue to increase the contributors for future months.

The Carnival will now be on a bi-monthly schedule. Our next activity will be posted on or around May 1.

The Expressive Arts Carnival was founded to to bring survivors together through expressive arts activities. On the Carnival's home page you can find links to all activity announcements and Carnival publications. Activities are posted on the first of every other month and submissions are open for approximately 3 weeks. If you are interested in the carnival and want to be notified of activity postings, please send an email to


Evan said:

It is all strong work. Thanks to Paul and all contributors.

wantstorun said:


Thank you again for hosting the Arts Carnival.

This task was very difficult for us, and very enlightening. It is not uncommon for us to discuss the Carnival with the T, and while some of my recollect is fuzzy, parts of me had what would be considered heated discussions (for us, anyway) about our core belief.

Thanks to the other contributors, too. This task also asks contributors to be potentially vulnerable by discussing core beliefs/struggles. I appreciate the camaraderie.


Algo4ME4Once said:

Thanks Paul for keeping the carnival going, even amidst your personal struggles. Stay strong when you need to be, but be vulnerable when that is needed as well - it can really help heal!

I am glad to see your entry and know you are still fighting or keep going!

You are an inspiration to so many, so never forget that you have an impact, even on those you may never have met face 2 face!

Sending healing intent!


Kerro said:

Wow, these are amazing entries - all strong, as Evan said. Thanks from me too, Paul. While I wasn't able to contribute this time around, I look forward to the next one may be :)

Alice said:

these are all really powerful, thank you for doing this Paul and for letting us all take part x

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