Photography Gallery

This is a growing gallery of photographic images I have made which can be seen on Mind Parts. They are in reverse chronological order. You can look at all the image posts, by accessing the Photography category.

Abstract Flower Photography

Title: Camera Painting (Posted: August 12, 2010; High resolution)

Empty Chairs Dissociative Identity Disorder

Title: Other Internal World Images (Posted: August 5, 2010)

Portrait Reflection Dissociation

Title: Photojournalism as Psychologically Aware Seeing (Posted: March 7, 2010; High resolution)

Puzzle and Dissociative Identity Disorder

Title: The Jigsaw Puzzle (Posted: January 22, 2010)

Boston Irish Famine Memorial

Title: Boston's Irish Famine Memorial (Posted: September 15, 2009; High resolution)

Holding Chick

Title: Holding (Posted: August 3, 2009; High resolution)


Title: Symphony of Parts (Posted: July 20, 2009; High resolution)

Tall Ships Rigging

Title: The Tangled Web We Weave (Posted: July 13, 2009; High resolution)

Cobblestone Path

Title: Cobblestone Path (Posted: July 10, 2009; High resolution)

Lost Head

Title: Losing My Mind (Posted: June 22, 2009)

Rock Wall

Title: Pictorial Metaphor (Posted: 4 June 2009; High resolution)

All images are copyrighted, please ask permission before using elsewhere.

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