Music Gallery

This is a growing gallery of music performances I've made which have been seen on Mind Parts. They are in reverse chronological order. You can look at all the music posts, by accessing the Music category.

Title: Piano Cover: Fix You (Posted: December 27, 2012)

Title: Unnamed Ballad (Posted: July 30, 2012)

Title: Chopin Prelude No. 4 (Posted: June 24, 2012)

Title: Hallelujah Piano Cover (Posted: April 16, 2011)

Title: The Inner Light (Posted: September 10, 2010)

Title: Edelweiss: My Anthem (Posted: January 18, 2010)

Title: Merry Christmas (Posted: December 24, 2009)

Title: Piano Cover: Puff (Posted: September 30, 2009)

Title: A First Piano Recording: Sarah McLachlan's Angel (Posted: July 20, 2009)

All compositions are copyrighted, please ask permission before using elsewhere.

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