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I'm Paul, a father, scientist, educator, photographer and musician. I also happen to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Mind Parts consists of my own insights on the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, namely trauma stress and the full spectrum of dissociative coping mechanisms and all that entails. Through a blog, I explore the healing process in a variety of ways—using creative contributions of original art, photography, poetry, and music, as well as what are hopefully considered though-provoking essays.

Mind Parts documents my healing journey in a way that hopefully helps not only me but others. While I write about my own life and my own struggles, I always try to place it all in a larger context, one that encourages all of us to look at the opportunities for healing. I write a lot about dissociation and trauma, and how my experiences have informed my views. I write about strategies for healing, which can apply broadly. I write about what has worked for me (and what has not). I write about the power of journaling and expressive arts, and share with you some of my art therapy work, photography and music performances. I write about concepts like acceptance, validation, truth. And, from time to time, I tackle controversial subjects.

Emotional healing is certainly not unique to child abuse or a fractured identity. One of my hopes is that some of what I write about here may have meaning to anyone with emotional scars or anyone who is on a journey of growth. Growth to be more loving, more kind, more accepting, more forgiving. Growth to be a better person, a better parent, a better friend, a better partner.

Mind Parts is home to the Expressive Arts Carnival which helps bring survivors together by making available activities which are published as a group "Carnival." The Carnival activity was published monthly for over a year, but now is published quarterly, with a theme given on the first of the month and submissions are open for roughly three weeks.

If you are new to Mind Parts, and you want to know more about me and my views, you probably do not want to read every post I have made. I certainly do not want to either! But you may be interested in the Highlighted Articles, a sort of 'best of' collection of articles, as chosen by me! Or, read My Healing Journey, a sort of short history.

My belief is that sites like this one can offer unique insights, thereby shedding light on abuse, removing stigma, and promoting healing not only for survivors but for readers and society as a whole.

Please feel free to write me if you have questions, comments, or to connect. Send mail to: paul@mindparts.org.


p.s. Comments to any blog posts are welcomed, but you can feel free also to contact me offline.

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